July 24, 2013

Dirty Hands, I Demand


Our acclaimed MINOGUE vs MINOGUE night returns with a TWIST! We’ll be celebrating both sisters (primary and secondary) on different evenings, giving each them a night of the MINOWN [tenuous]. SATURDAY 10 AUGUST: KYLIE (Yes, a Saturday at the RVT) FRIDAY 30 AUGUST: DANNII (To coincide with Dannii’s 15th Greatest Hits compilations)   Click here for…..


WHAT IS THE MUSIC POLICY? We play THE HITS. So long as it was released or made a significant cultural impact post 1990 we’ll probably play it. As Sophie-Ellis Bextor once sang: “It’s a mixed up world.” Push The Button reflects our broad love of pop. DO I NEED TO BUY A TICKET? It depends. We’ll…..

Robin Holley


In his spare time he moonlights as a laundry lady and occasional blacksmith. He also has a deeply unhealthy obsession with Dannii Minogue, known to many as “the Secondary Minogue”, but to him as “the heir apparent”. There are no words, but thankfully there is medication.

Darren Lewis


Whether Darren is the Hits or Mrs of Hits&Mrs is not fully understood, but public opinion is tending towards the latter – especially after seeing him in full make-up on Steps Night.  

Dame Amy


Dame Amy Mazing.

Cola Phalquero


Crisp-eating drag queen.