August 25, 2013

Now Available: Pop Princess Posters!


We were inundated with requests for the limited edition pop princess posters that we gave out on Kylie night, so much so that our fabulous designer Darren Lewis came up with the solution of producing a massive one-off A1 print featuring all of them – which you can now buy! It’s a steal at cost price…..

10 Amazing Videos of Danielle Jane Minogue.


Let’s face it, we at Push The Button are SO OBSESSED with Dannii (who is somewhat unfairly cited as the “secondary Minogue” – pah!) that we could easily post 100 videos, and in fact maybe we will! For now though here are ten AMAZING reasons to love Dannii to get you in the mode for our…..

Dr Seán’s Thorough Assessment

Dr Sean

Our resident doctor of genitourinary medicine and unicorns, Seán Cassidy, will be gently poking a swab at the nether-regions of pop in order to give his assessment of the latest hit parade releases! So, tell us – what have you been listening to this week Dr Seán?   Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop Arriving on a…..

Especially for You


Well, we’re famed for our fabulous lyric posters at Push The Button, but for our Kylie-themed evening on Saturday we’ve gone ALL OUT by creating FIFTY FABULOUS POSTERS ready to adorn the walls of the RVT. These are not for sale and never to be made again – if you want one, turn up and take one……