Every last Friday of the month
at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

“London’s best night out” – Gay Times Magazine.
“Love a hardcore night out in Vauxhall” – Mutya.
“F*****G BRILLIANT” – H from Steps.

PtB Gift Wrapped Kitties 305

London’s most ridiculous and sincere pop night since 2010. We attract a mixed crowd of pop-fans and the occasional pop star to boot!

DJs HITS&MRS play “THE HITS” which constitutes anything from Robyn and Gaga, to Aqua and Schlager – and possibly the Brookside theme.

We only have one rule in our music policy: it must have been released or attained cultural significance AFTER January 1st 1990. Don’t get us wrong, we bloody LOVE the ’80s, but we set up Push The Button as a response to hearing Blue Monday and lenghty remixes of ’80s tracks absolutely everywhere we went. Sometimes you just want to dance to Rachel Stevens and lip-sync to Billie Piper.

And no, we’re not being ironic. We adore Pop with a capital “P”.

Our nights have including everything from a mock A-Level exam in Vibeology, to a recreation of Titanic on stage and a full-blown Awards Ceremony.

We even found a mermaid in the attic:

We have different themes each month, so check out the events page and follow us on Twitter: @PTButton.

We often sell out, so £6 advance tix are available from the Ticket Shop page, and if you’d like to share your talent with us please get in touch as we’re always looking to collaborate!