Ruth Lorenzo to take to the RVT stage!

RUTH LORENZO at PUSH THE BUTTON on FRIDAY 25 APRIL Advance tickets on sale NOW @ £8.50 – will cost more on the door  BIG news buttoners – the fabulous Ruth Lorenzo will be performing at our Push The Button “count down to Copenhagen” special next month! Representing Spain in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Dancing In The Rain’ Ruth…..

Our 5 favourite Victoria Beckham moments…

RVT - you're out of your mind

Easily the most adored fifth of the Spiceys despite (or possibly because of?) choosing to eschew a singing career early on. There’s the Fashion, David, the Olympics and THAT REALITY SHOW… but let’s not forget she also had THE HITS (three of them to be exact) plus a fuck-tonne of b-sides and unreleased material from that…..

PTB SHOP: NEW Pop Princess Posters / Mugs

Two things we want to update you guys on: NEW POSTERS and MUGS! To purchase either drop us an email: Back in the summer we were inundated with requests for the limited edition pop princess posters that we gave away on Kylie night, so much so that our fabulous designer Darren Lewis came up with…..

Miley Clayton-Wright wrecks the RVT!


For those of you who missed Harry’s performance on Friday, WELL… …it was a TRIUMPH.

Willow Rosenburg is an AWESOME mum. Here’s why:

Maybe Facebook’s offer to Snapchat for 3 billion $’s was made on Snapchat and they didn’t have time to read it properly? — alyson hannigan (@alydenisof) November 15, 2013 Smiling at Alyson’s latest tweet (which you totally read in Willow’s voice too right?) we decided to trawl back through her tweets to confirm to ourselves that she’s…..

10 Top Pop HITS for Halloween


Push The Button LOVE when pop becomes a horror-show (I mean we have championed Miley’s career for the best part of three years), which is why we’ve been gearing up for our fabulous annual GLAMOWEEN celebrations [Friday 25 October at The RVT]! To help set the tone here are our TEN FAVOURITE HALLOWEEN HITS. And no,…..

Kylie confirmed as new judge on The Voice UK


Well, she’s no Dannii BUT IT LOOKS LIKE IT’S OFFICIAL:   …means it might be watchable. Time to celebrate! Guess Jessie J’s probably busy rehearsing for the Commonwelath Games closing ceremony.

MKS talk Push The Button – OUR Push The Button!


Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Here is a quick vid of Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan having a good old chin-wag to The Chart Show… when Push The Button is mentioned! Apparently Mutya LOVES a hard-core Vauxhall club night! SO DO WE… ::pops somes poppers o’clock Vengaboys mixes on to a CD:: Next PTB…..

Now Available: Pop Princess Posters!


We were inundated with requests for the limited edition pop princess posters that we gave out on Kylie night, so much so that our fabulous designer Darren Lewis came up with the solution of producing a massive one-off A1 print featuring all of them – which you can now buy! It’s a steal at cost price…..

10 Amazing Videos of Danielle Jane Minogue.


Let’s face it, we at Push The Button are SO OBSESSED with Dannii (who is somewhat unfairly cited as the “secondary Minogue” – pah!) that we could easily post 100 videos, and in fact maybe we will! For now though here are ten AMAZING reasons to love Dannii to get you in the mode for our…..