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Well, we’re famed for our fabulous lyric posters at Push The Button, but for our Kylie-themed evening on Saturday we’ve gone ALL OUT by creating FIFTY FABULOUS POSTERS ready to adorn the walls of the RVT. These are not for sale and never to be made again – if you want one, turn up and take one. We only ask that you leave them on the walls till after the midnight show (so everybody can have a look) and that you don’t take more than one. We give to the needy and not the greedy – mmhmmm thass right.

UPDATE: due to our FB inbox being ridiculously flooded with requests, we’re now printing 2 of each in A3 (rather than A2) – we’ll look at a way of maybe making more available after the event. xx

Preview below.

Limited tickets still available from the Ticket Shop - but we’re also keeping some for on the door if you want to rock up un-announced. MWAH x


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