Oops!… Push The Button did it again

This is a story about a girl named Lucky.

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Nearly three years WITHOUT a Britney night? Well, we were born to make you happy so HERE IT IS: THE BRITNEY PTB.

If you’ve ever been to Heaven, this is twice as nice so it’s time to shave your head, put on your schoolgirl outfit and grab your jade green brolly – PTB is giving you MORE!

Cola Phalquero will bring the action as HITS&MRS provide the best pop soundtrack this side of the Poll Winner’s Party PLUS we’ve invited our friends from The Back Building as guest DJs AAAAAND the AMAZING Jayde Adams will be putting on a very special midnight show live from the Vauxhall.

There’ll be an EXCESSIVE amount of Britney on the radar, but we’ll also be playing the usual HITS: from Robyn & Gaga to Aqua & Schlager, PUSH THE BUTTON is a celebration of the last 2 decades of POP! We’ll be playing ALL THE HITS: synths, guitars, keytars, drum-machines, girl bands, boy bands, impossible princesses – it’s a glamophonic, electronic, d-d-disco baby!

We run a tight ship – so beware.

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