It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year! We’re going all out on the decorations and candy, as we turn the RVT into Satan’s Grotto for a UNDEAD POP SPECTACULAR!

We INSIST that you dress up!

Madonnabroomstick, Lisa Scott Leesions, Taylor Swift-knife-to-the-heart, “It’s Britney, Witch”, She-Wolf Shakira, Ciara’s career (which, given it’s propensity to resurrect and promptly die at least once a year, we can only assume is undead) etc, etc…

The venue will be dressed up, we’d LOVE it if you were too.

With spooktacular prizes and surprises, a tomb PACKED with PHENOMENAL POP, plus enough candy to sate even Claire Richards, this is the one Halloween party you CANNOT MISS!

Awooo! Tickets available here: http://cheetos.eventbrite.co.uk

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