Push the Button presents… POP PUB QUIZ


Do you know you’re A-has from your Elbows? Have there been more Sugababes than UK Prime Ministers over the last 50 years? What exactly *is* Taylor Swifts favourite flavour of Pop Tart? WHO KNOWS? WHO CARES?

YOU CARE – which is why we’re inviting you to take part in our inaugural Push The Button Pop Pub Quiz!

Hosted by Rob, Rob & Harry, all questions will relate to SIGNIFICANT POP DOINGS THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED SINCE 1990. This will be an audio/visual treat requiring guts, guile and an intimate knowledge of the Deuce discography, Totally Scott-Lee and Big Brother evictees.

There are plenty of chances to win spot prizes but will you know enough to win the STAR PRIZE? A SIGNED PHOTO OF GERI HALIWELL?? With such a glittering array of tat on offer, the stakes could not be any higher.

It’s a school night and we’re limited to 100 tickets – so get in fast!

Team sizes: 2 – 8 players (but bear in mind you’ll have to share anything you win).
Entry: £5
RVT open from 7pm, quiz starts 8pm (or thereabouts).


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