10 Top Pop HITS for Halloween


Push The Button LOVE when pop becomes a horror-show (I mean we have championed Miley’s career for the best part of three years), which is why we’ve been gearing up for our fabulous annual GLAMOWEEN celebrations [Friday 25 October at The RVT]!

To help set the tone here are our TEN FAVOURITE HALLOWEEN HITS.

And no, Michael Jackson’s Thriller doesn’t appear.

1. Shakira – She Wolf

Darling it is no joke, this is lycanthropy…

MOST ADORABLE MONSTER NOISE IN THE HISTORY OF POP. A-woo! Not particularly scary in the slightest, but that black half-bodysuit certainly worked in her favour as she bagged Gerard Piqué! And, well, that’s sort of the best thing that any of us can hope for from a Halloween costume.

Here’s a picture of him topless. Why not, eh?

gerard pique


2. Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Am I sexual?

In retrospect there seemed to be absolutely no need to give the video a horror theme (especially as it was RELEASED IN JUNE), but thank frick they did as Brian Littrell’s werewolf makes our Halloweenies tingle to this very day!

Oh, also, nice to see the set from Christina Ricci’s Casper get some use.


3. allSTARS* – Bump In The Night

Tell me who’s spooking who? It’s very Scooby Doo…

Ah, the awkwardly stylised allSTARS* with their second biggest hit (after their Top 10 smash cover of Buck’s Fizz’s Land of Make Believe). But where are they now? Did they ever escape that haunted house? WELL, it seems that basically they all appeared in tea-time soaps (ranging from Family Affairs to Hollyoaks) with the exception of Sam Bloom who set up a recruitment agency for interns and graduates. BONE-CHILLING STUFF.


4. Rihanna – Disturbia

Aint gon play nice, watch out you might just go under…

The most terrifying thing about this video? It was released (gulp) HALF A DECADE AGO, and there hasn’t been a month since where she’s failed to release a new single, album or fragrance.


5. Jedward – Ghostbusters

John – save me! / Don’t be such a baby!


OH EM EFF GEE, it’s so strange now to reminisce about a time when X Factor was FUN, but look! It was! Back in 2009 when producers allowed John and Edward their weekly five minutes of raiding the ITV prop store before titting around to some of the finest pop in the world. The Golden Age of X Factor didn’t last too long… small mercies in that Big Band Week was canned from this series and is yet to return, but in subsequent years the format would become all too serious. Can’t help but notice that no once’s covered Gary’s number 1 smash Open Road.

Oh, yeah, here’s that photo AGAIN:




6. Daphne & Celste – Peek-A-Boo

Hammer house part at Amityville / We’re ready for you an’ dressed to kill!

We Didn’t Say That! is that album that just gives and gives and gives until it has given so much that it’s sick everywhere through sheer exhaustion. Peek-A-Boo (nestled between tender ballad “Star Boy” and the culturally sensitive “I Love Your Sushi”) is a fair attempt at a spooky track. It’s no allSTARS*, but then this is Daphne and Celeste so you have to approach measures of quality with a special kind of dispensation.

The unexpectedness of the very, very, very final line ALWAYS MAKES US LAUGH.


7. Andre 3000 feat. Kelis – Dracula’s Wedding

And I can count, plus I make great peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. VAN. HEL. SING

Andre’s stab at a title track for trashy vampire flick Van Helsing was ultimately rejected (lord only knows why, as it’s MILES better than any aspect of the film) and doesn’t even have a video to do it justice, but it does contain the greatest lyrics ever mouthed by Kelis.


8. Aqua – Halloween

My Candyman from Bountyland is coming here to get me…

Somehow always feel like I’m in a central European gay sauna when listen to Aqua album tracks. Erm, ANYWAY… we’re holding off on booking tickets to Eurovision in Copenhagen until the EBU confirm Aqua’s involvement in the show, and if we don’t go we’ll just spend the week listening to Aquarius and Aquarium.
On Loop.
All week.
And Beyond.


9. Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love

I give you all a boy could give you…

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, WON’T SOMEBODY BRING BACK MANSON? That’s Manson with an “O”, not dreary Chester-based shoe-gazers Mansun with a “U”.

If you’re stuck for costume ideas next Friday, basically anything in this video will do.


10. Bette Midler / Hocus Pocus – I Put A Spell On You

The Witch is back and there’s hell to pay!

Because, well… how could we leave it out?

Hope that’s got you in the mood for a spooktacular extravaganza! If there’s anything we’ve missed out, you can add the video to our Facebook event here and we might even play it!

Tickets for GLAMOWEEN (Friday 25 October at the RVT) are on sale NOW from the Ticket Shop page or by clicking here.


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