Info for Spice Bus ticket holders!


Here’s everything you need to know about this Friday’s Spice Bus trip!

We’ve run out of Spice Bus tickets but there are still a few left granting entry to the club afterwards – you can pick one up here.


Please make sure you get to RETRO BAR (just off the Strand) between 7pm and 8pm to get your wristband for the bus. You will not be admitted to the Spice Bus without a valid wristband. Departure location will be given at 8.30pm and we’ll make our way to the buses from Retro Bar. Latecomers will not be able to join the bus at a later stage.

Rules (you gotta have ‘em, so please read carefully):

1. SAFETY: We don’t want anyone getting injured and missing out on the rest of the night so NO STANDING / DANCING WHILST THE BUS IS MOVING. You can dance in your seats, and we’re going to have some stops where we wind up the music – but when the bus is moving, keep safe and stay in your seats. Anyone ignoring warnings or requests from the Red Route Master team will be ejected!

2. Glass of any kind is NOT permitted on the Spice Bus and will be confiscated.

3. We encourage fancy dress, and please take LOTS of photos!

The tour will take approximately 2 hours and there is a scheduled toilet break around halfway through – please make use of this, and don’t forget to pee before you go! If you leave the bus outside of a scheduled stop you will not be allowed back on. No exceptions.

The Spice Bus will drop you off outside the Royal Vauxhall Tavern at around 10:45pm where you can continue the Spicy frolics :) You wristband will grant you instant entry :)



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