Interview: Krista Siegfrids

Krista looking pensive

Finland’s delightfully camp Eurovision entry chats to the equally festive London pop night Push The Button…

There’s one contestant who’s thrown herself in to the spirit of Eurovision more than anybody else: Krista Siegfrids. She’s already annoyed the Daily Mail with the performance content of her entry ‘Marry Me’ (we won’t spoil it for you if you’re waiting for the night), managed to ambush Bonnie Tyler for an Instagram pic and has whipped Malmö in to a frenzy with her loyal Finnish delegation that she calls ‘Team Ding Dong’. Gays… you have a new idol!

PUSH THE BUTTON: Hello Krista! Firstly can we just say that we’re MASSIVE fans of ‘Marry Me’. What can we expect from your performance? Wind machines, obviously. But Glitter? Confetti?
KRISTA: Wow! This means a lot. thank you. I’m a MASSIVE fan of you too! The show is full of Team Ding Dong Energy, girl power and wind machines. It will be energetic and funny and of course I’ll be performing in a huge wedding dress! I am not telling you more now as you MUST watch it. You will love it!

We already love it. We’ll be sure to tune in to your semi-final on May 16.
Wohooo! AND vote for ‘Marry Me’ too of course!

Of course! There’s an old English rhyme about wedding day luck that says the bride should have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue…
[Laughs] That’s been in a song too, hasn’t it? Can’t remember which one though…

Well, Girls Aloud did one called “Something New” recently, but that wasn’t quite the same thing… Anyways, what items have you brought to Malmö for luck?
I have brought with me an old boyfriend [laughs]. Also lots of new/borrowed wedding dresses, blue stockings, and most of all some really crazy Ding Dong energy party fun!

Fabulous! Now, not a lot of your UK fans might know that you appeared on the Finnish version of The Voice. So if you could pick absolutely any pop star to be your Eurovision mentor, who would it be?
Björk! I think she is amazing. She does what she wants and does it really well!

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