The XXXmas Party


Don’t decoy, avoid, or make void the topic (cuz that ain’t gonna stop it). Woof! No blurred lines – we’re going balls out FULL FRONTAL as PUSH THE BUTTON kicks off the festive season with a BANG! Polish up your best hammer for lickin’ and move your body ‘round like a nympho for our dirrrty XXXMAS…..



Once upon a time, there was a little pop fan in the Spring Gardens of Vauxhall, Lambeth. At 15, she was spotted by a Push The Button talent scout, and her modelling career took off…  Supermodels of the world – PUSH THE BUTTON invite YOU to celebrate GLAMOWEEN In the regular world, Glamoween is when children…..

Oops!… Push The Button did it again


This is a story about a girl named Lucky. Facebook event clicky here. Nearly three years WITHOUT a Britney night? Well, we were born to make you happy so HERE IT IS: THE BRITNEY PTB. If you’ve ever been to Heaven, this is twice as nice so it’s time to shave your head, put on your…..

Minogue vs Minogue Part II: Dannii


Push the Button’s acclaimed Minogue vs Minogue event returns to the RVT this August with TWO events! MINOGUE vs MINOGUE PART II: PUSH THE BUTTON pays tribute to she who was been described as the heir apparent OR the secondary Minogue, dependant on your point of view. Well, THIS IS IT: an entire night dedicated to…..

Push the Button @ GMFA Sports Day


On Monday 27th August 2013 in the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (!!!) in London (behind the Royal Vauxhall Tavern) PUSH THE BUTTON will send a team of five queens to take part in The Annual RVT Sports Day in aid of the GMFA undertaking a range of competitive sports including ‘Tug-o-War’, the ’50 Metre Mince’ and ‘Handbag…..

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Minogue vs Minogue Part I: Kylie


Push the Button’s acclaimed Minogue vs Minogue event returns to the RVT this August with TWO events! MINOGUE vs MINOGUE PART I: La, la, la… it’ s time to dust off those golden hot-pants and wiggle your tiny bum to all the Kylie HITS – and good god there’s a lot of them! We’ll be cramming…..

High School Reunion


HI BACK BRACE GIRL! PUSH THE BUTTON are taking you back to HIGH SCHOOL so raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by Regina George, before grabbing your pom-poms, jock-strap or prom dress. We are positively encouraging you to SLUT IT UP High School style. Buffy Summers is our class protector, Enid and Rebecca…..

Pasta a La Clara

PTB_PALC_A3 poster

So dance, it’s the summer of love, tonight the fiesta will come… One hundred degrees in a packed RVT one more time! FINALLY it’s time to break out the plastic boob tubes, eyebrow piercings and blond dreadlocks, as we enjoy a BIG BOWL of PASTA A LA CLARA: Of all the PUSH THE BUTTONs we…..

It’s in His Hits


It’s in his HITS – THAT’S WHERE IT IS! We’ve got enough cars to drive around the world / enough planes to take us anywhere / we got more than enough, but there’s one thing there’s just not enough of… AND THAT’S PUSH THE BUTTON CHER SPECIALS! DJs HITS&MRS aim to rectify this OVERSIGHT on the…..